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This listing is for 1 mini woven wall hanging (pictured above). Choose left or right in the drop down menu below.

All minis were hand woven by me. Each design is completely 100% unique and there is only one of each design.

Quilted Shades of Grey - Featuring all shades of grey, from the lightest feather grey to the deepest charcoal grey. This collection is all about bold cozy contrast and celebrates all things quilted. From fuzzy, feathery yarns, to rope yarn and sweatshirt material, so much fun fringe, grey leather and Scandinavian tulip designs. Many of the pieces showcase hand stitching, hand embroidery and hand sewing to simulate real quilted detailing.

All pieces hang by a wooden stick + grey string.

Approx. 3.5' wide by 10" long.

Processing time - 1-3 business days