frequently asked questions


Please see the table below for processing times.


  business days
stickers + face prints 1-3
keychains + luggage tags 3-5
ornaments  5-7
mini weaves + fiber art 1-3
earrings + t-shirts 1-3
pet portraits (digital) 3-5
cake toppers + drink stirs 3-5
custom cake toppers 5-7
canvases + banners 3-5


Items with longer processing times are either made to order, or take me longer to put together. Everything is carefully crafted and handmade in house!

Shipping to US and Canada only.

Processing times do not include shipping + handling.



Do you take custom orders?

I used to accept all kinds of custom order requests. Unfortunately, due to time and my business expanding, I no longer have the time to sort out custom order details and pricing. I know this can be extremely frustrating for consumers. But a lot of businesses will discontinue offering custom orders once they find their niche and become more of a master at their designated craft.

I never really enjoyed making custom orders, because of the pressure that is involved with it. But some of my staple items are results from customs, so that is definitely not lost on me! 

If I give you money up front, can you reserve or hold one of your pieces for me? 

Well that wouldn't be very fair, now would it? Some of my mini weave collections and specific ornaments have been known to sell out almost immediately after launching. Again, this is something that happens when a maker finds their niche. I have seen it happen all over the place. Often times, when this happens, people get mad that they were unable to purchase fast enough. And trust me, I get it. There have been quite a few items that I have missed out on in the past.  

Unfortunately we cannot accommodate every person that wants to buy from us. But we do our best to make as many as we humanly can. And as much as I love a sell out, I do feel bad when some of you miss out on something you have had your eye on.  

The reason I do not allow reserves or pre-orders: To me, it's the same thing as buying when things launch. How would I make a pre-order or reserve any less heart pounding? I couldn't. So the bottom line is this, I want to be fair. As fair as I can be. 

I ALWAYS announce upcoming collections on instagram. I ALWAYS tell you when mini weaves are launching (most times with a large heads up). I ALWAYS post a preview of every available piece so that you may shop ahead of time. And I always encourage that you set timers on your phone for launches. This works! Be at your computer, REFRESH REFRESH REFRESH. Make sure your address is correct and payment information is updated! 

I love your wall hangings but I wish they were a different color. Can you custom make them?

I don't take custom orders for wall hangings for several reasons. Wall hangings are very unique and I try to make them all different. Therefore I do my best to just add inventory to the shop to allow people to buy the one they fall in love with. I do take suggestions for themed mini weaves from time to time, so if you have an idea, send it my way! 



I just made two separate purchases in your shop, can you ship them together and refund my shipping?

Unfortunately due to the volume of orders, I cannot guarantee this request. I normally will do this as a courtesy, but will not guarantee it. If you don’t want to pay for shipping twice, please order all your items in the same transaction.

Oh no! I just placed an order with the wrong address! What should I do? 

First thing you should do, LET ME KNOW. If you catch it right away and inform me before I ship your item, you should be okay. I will make a note to change it on my end. The second thing you should do is go into your paypal or apple pay and update your default address to the correct one :).  

If you realize that you entered the wrong address, AFTER I have shipped out your order: there is literally nothing I can do to save your package. Once it leaves my hands, it's out of my control. SOMETIMES, it will be returned to me (after a very long time). If that's the case, I will let you know. This is why it's so important to confirm your address during and after placing your order! 

I will not refund your order if you entered the wrong address and it shipped to the address you entered.  

I have an event this weekend and I need this by then, can you rush it?!?

That depends. A lot of times I have 20+ orders in my queue and it's difficult for me to rush an item. But if you would like to chat about it, you can send me a message and I can let you know if it will work. There is normally a rush charge and I always suggest choosing priority shipping. If the item does not reach you in time, I am not held liable. Custom cake topper orders are non-refundable. So if it's too risky, I wouldn't do it.

I don't see the option to ship internationally, do you not offer worldwide shipping?

Due to the extreme delays in shipping, I have temporarily discontinued international shipping. Packages are taking weeks to move within the US, and I just don't want to risk it. Someday, when things calm down, I will open international shipping back up! I am sorry for the inconvenience!

I am an international buyer and the shipping costs more than the item, can you discount shipping for me?

Sorry, but shipping costs are calculated based on the weight and size of the package and of course, it's destination. Therefore, the shipping cost is accurate and I cannot refund you any money.  



Do you cut items in house? And if so, what kind of laser cutter do you have?

I am asked this question more times than I can count. And my answer is always the same. Yes, we cut all of our items in house. However, due to this information being proprietary to my business, I do not share what kind of laser cutter I have. And here's why. My husband and I spent months and months, hours and hours, and a lot of try and find the cutter that would work BEST for us. I didn't ask anyone else to supply me with their machine information. We did all the research ourselves and took the chance on buying a machine we have never owned or used. 

I think it's poor etiquette to ask another maker exactly what they use and expect a response. It's kind of like asking them to give up time and money for free. And it's even more frustrating to then be yelled at when I don't give the information away. I am a maker, not a teacher. I have built this business into what it is today because I have a passion for creating. I do not owe anyone any information. 

If you are in a place that you want to buy a laser cutter for your business, then you should know the potential costs and get to know the different types of machines that exist. Find one that works for you and your needs. The more you learn and figure out on your own, you will be in a better place to serve your customers. Thank you for understanding!

How do you feel about people copying your work?

You can't be a maker and avoid someone copying you at some point in your journey. It's sad that it even needs to be said. But it WILL happen, probably more than once. Probably more times than you can count (if we're being honest). And each time that it does, it is no less of a punch in the stomach.

Most creatives have the same opinion on this matter. Copying is wrong. Wrong with a capital W. When you are just starting out, you will be influenced by other people's work. You will want to try to re-create it, to see how you can match up with them. And that is fine. But this is where it crosses the line....when you sell it. If you sell that work, you are now stealing. Because it was never your idea.

Same type of thing goes for being inspired by someone. If you see their work and love it and you tell yourself that you love it enough to want to make something similar, make sure you are only inspired by it, not make the same thing but change one color, or one word, or one tiny phrase. That's still copying. 

An example of being inspired by, would be this:: Alex makes beaded earrings and she recently launched a collection using bold geometric shapes and colors. Jessica makes clay earrings and loved Alex's collection. She pulled a similar color palette and experimented with her own ideas/shapes to create a collection that embodies the vibe, but doesn't take any of Alex's ideas. (See the difference?)

I have had A LOT of my items replicated. I have even had people copy my business name, use my listing descriptions word for word, and rip off my original ideas. You name it, it's happened. If you are here and you are reading this, and you have copied someone else's work, or mine...I would encourage you to delete that item from your inventory. Stop making it, stop selling it. 

Find your OWN voice. If you are truly a creative being, this voice will come natural to you. If you aren't creative, don't force it. Not all of us are creative people. Just stay true to your ideas and you'll be golden :).