Mini Weave - Pink + Orange Collection - CAPRI+ COCO

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This listing is for 1 mini woven wall hanging (pictured above). Choose left or right in the drop down menu below.

All minis were hand woven by me. Each design is completely 100% unique and there is only one of each design.

Pink + Orange - I put any and all pink + orange fiber that I had in a giant pile and I worked my way thru it into making this collection. It's very bold, bright, colorful, happy + fun. Lots of beads, rainbows, fringe, leather, painted details, acrylic shapes, hearts and just things that make you happy. *IMPORTANT - coloring on your computer screen may not depict accuracy of how bright and bold this collection is. The orange and pink neon ribbon is VERY bright.

All pieces hang by a natural or painted wooden stick + string.

Approx. 3.5' wide by 10" long.

Processing time - 1-3 business days