Our Love Story Pt. 2

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So you should know by now how we met…right? I mean, if not, scroll back and read Pt. 1 first ;). And you know how he proposed, so let’s chat about the wedding, shall we?

Now this was before I even started lettering, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to take advantage of my own services, but that didn’t stop me from DIY’ing basically everything.

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Our Love Story Pt. 1

Soooo, we got married awhile ago. Like, I’m talking more than 2 years ago. But, you all voted and it seems as though you still wanna see pics! I’ll tell you a little bit about how we met, how he popped the question Pt. 1 and deets of the wedding Pt. 2. I hope you enjoy our very unique story and all the fun pictures 🙂

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Instagram – The love/hate relationship


The other day I posted this photo, along with a very long caption about my (as of late) instagram woes. I wouldn’t normally post such things, but as I mention in that post, I feel it’s important to remain transparent and honest. I say that I no longer see much point in posting because engagement is WAY down and it’s just a lot of work to maintain a beautiful and inspiring feed.

I don’t know about you, but pages that consistently post the same images or the same kind of images, bore me. Yawn. Although, those types of pages seem to always have the most engagement, so maybe I don’t know anything. I always try to also post something new, something different. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong…

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Why I Believe in “Treat Yo’Self”

Yikes, Lindsey sure buys herself a lot of stuff….It’s true, I do. I would consider shopping to be one of my favorite things. And I wanted to tell you a little bit why I believe in the motto “treat yo’ self”. And also show off some of my favorites lately.

I realized that some of you may think I spend too much money on myself. And I don’t want you thinking I am a brat or that I’m materialistic, or shallow, or any of that. Yucky, that would suck! I do want you all to know that I try to treat myself when I can. Because I work really hard and these purchases bring me joy.

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