Our Love Story Pt. 1

Soooo, we got married awhile ago. Like, I’m talking more than 2 years ago. But, you all voted and it seems as though you still wanna see pics! I’ll tell you a little bit about how we met, how he popped the question Pt. 1 and deets of the wedding Pt. 2. I hope you enjoy our very unique story and all the fun pictures 🙂


Brandon and I met in March 2008. It definitely wasn’t “love at first sight“…well, for me anyways. I was actually “hooking up” with another guy on the UWP lacrosse team the night we were introduced. Hahahaha, it’s the truth. I remember they called him “Shoes” because he owned so many different pairs of adidas shoes. He was wearing a black adidas baseball hat, a black adidas t-shirt, hammer hole jeans, and adidas tennis shoes. I think he maybe said “hi” to me.

The next morning, the guys had a lacrosse game. I went to watch Matt. The guy I was “hooking up” with. After the game, I remember going up to “Shoes” and saying “nice shoes”. And from that moment on, we became best friends. We chatted for hours on aol instant messenger. We consistently burned through our 250 text messaging limit, just talking to each other. We ate lunch and dinner together at the PSC almost daily. We studied together, walked to class together, we were basically attached at the hip.

One day, he asked me out…you know, like “will you be my girlfriend?” and I said “yes”. But then, after less than 24 hours later, I dumped him. I just wasn’t into him that way. He was just my friend, my BEST friend, but nothing more. He was basically really devastated. I mean, who dumps someone less than 24 hours later? Me. I do.

So for the next 3 years, we stayed friends. I dated another guy…a douche bag. Sorry, pardon my french, a jerk. It was a real bad, toxic relationship, that I stayed in for way too long. But, I was in love and blindsided by it. Brandon sat by my side through every tear filled night, through every fight, through every heart break. He even got mad at me a few times when I got back together with the jerk after I promised I wouldn’t. But he never stopped being there for me. After I finally said my last goodbye to that relationship, I decided to give Brandon a chance. I mean, he deserved one.

I will always say that he has loved me since that day I said “nice shoes”. He loved me first and has loved me the longest. Awwwwh, pause for a dramatic romance moment. 

So on December 1st, 2010, we started dating…for the second time. It was a little weird, but also felt so right. Like, I asked myself, why did I resist for so long? But then, you guessed it, we broke up. Again. Because it was our senior year and I liked to party and drink and have a good time and I didn’t want to be tied down to someone the last few months of college. So that next spring, I broke up with him.

We graduated in May 2011 (me Magna Cum Laude, him not so much). Ha. But to be fair, my major was like a cake walk compared to his, so yeah. We left Platteville after our final exams. He went back to Oregon, WI and I went back to Baraboo. He was working at a Target and I was working at adidas. Both of us frantically applying for jobs. He got one first, an offer to work in Waukesha. He accepted and moved to the ‘Sha in October 2011.


Now remember, we are currently not dating. But on October 15th, 2011, at a Wisconsin Badger Football game, he did in fact, ask me one more time, “will you be my girlfriend?” and I said “yes” for the 3rd time. So naturally, he asked me to move in with him in his apartment in Waukesha. And I thought it would be a good idea to be closer to a bigger city, in hopes to find a job I actually went to school for. Now, some of you may be thinking that it was too fast to move in with someone immediately after starting a dating relationship. But we have known each other for so long by this point that we basically were the same person. So don’t you worry, things were just fine!


Fast forward to March 2013. We were on a vacation to Florida visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Pinellas Park. We got away that day, the 9th, to watch a Tampa Bay Rays spring training game and have dinner on the beach. Unfortunately, I didn’t pack a pair of sandals for our day trip, so we had to make a quick pit stop at Old Navy to buy some. A quick pit stop turned into an hour and a half of a very frustrated and indecisive Lindsey. FINALLY, after buying a random pair of sandals and a sweater to wear over my maxi dress, we were en route to the restaurant.



Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill on St. Pete beach, there was a pretty long wait. We sat down, ordered and started to eat. I noticed Brandon was acting so weird. Like, he wasn’t eating all of his pork chops and he loves pork so I asked him if he was feeling okay. Yes. I asked him if he needed to go take a poop. No. I asked him if they tasted okay. Yes. And finally I said, “well jeeze, you aren’t going to like, propose, are you?” He sort of shockingly laughed, “no”. So we ordered a dessert, to-go and headed towards the car. He said, let’s go eat our dessert on the beach and I’m like “um, it’s dark outside, let’s just go walk down there”. So we put the dessert in the car and headed towards the water in the pitch black, dark AF sand. I was trying to take pictures with my phone and when I turned around, I felt him sort of hold my arms to stop me from moving.

He starts saying all these things. And to be honest, I don’t remember any of them. All I kept saying out loud was, “stop it, no, shut up, you aren’t, you can’t be?, no, this isn’t real, what? stop” over and over again. Until finally, he was down on one knee with a box in his hand. I mean, of course I said yes, but like I said, he could’ve asked me to run a marathon, I had absolutely no clue what he actually was saying. And I regret acting like such a fool, but that’s what happened. So after I got this ring on my finger, I pulled out my phone to use the flashlight to actually see what it looked like, and he’s such a smart guy, he bought the morganite pear that I wanted. I was squealing! We headed back to the car and I immediately called my mom. It was awesome :).


So yeah, that’s basically our story. We are coming up on 10 years since meeting. We have been through a lot together. I don’t think a single day has gone by since the day we met, that we haven’t talked. He is my very best friend, my world. ❤

Part 2 will be all about our wedding! Coming soon!

xoxo –




6 thoughts on “Our Love Story Pt. 1

  1. I love reading real life stories like this. You guys sure have been through thick and thin! Kudos to Brandon for not giving up on you and I’m glad you came to your senses in the end 🙂 I suppose marrying your best friend is actually a good thing… 😉


  2. Awesome story! Weird thing….I’ve never heard of Platteville, WI until yesterday then I read your blog and find out you’ve lived there! Crazy! My husband and I may be traveling there this weekend! Small world!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice story!! We’re supposed to marry our BEST friend!! Then it’ll last forever!! That’s true love and I wish that kind of love for everybody!! Physical love dies, hard and fast. When you marry a best friend, your marriage may fall apart, your commitment may fall apart, etc etc but your friendship will remain forever!! I love your story! I too am a Capricorn and sometimes it takes a BRICK WALL to drop in front of us for us to notice! I too married my best friend and he loves me the way Brandon loves you! With lots of patience and space. Thank you for making me laugh and entertain us on the IG. You’re funny as all hell. I’m also from the Midwest (Chicago) and I’m not sure how you can take the bitter ass cold! It’s 80° and sunny in L.A. everyday! I’ll go catch some rays for ya! Peace out girl! ✌😃 Janice

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